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in this neighborhood, several homes are now condemned because of collapsed retaining walls here bonnie these town homes. we saw homes and businesses damaged as the water continues to make its way up and rise into many of those homes. in a mobile home park, we know several residents are now displaced now that their homes have also been condemned. several of them have been living in shelters since that happened. many of them with no place to go. the threat of mother nature leaving another mess certainly has a lot of people worried. >> i don't know what is going to happen. >> we're going to be scared now that it floods again because if it does that, it might get all the way up here. >> in some of those sections that suffered damage, we had some businesses with up to $150,000. some of the residents in the mobile home park said it could be years to rebuild in that area. meanwhile, a lot of these residents have been moved out of these homes because they are not safe for them to be in and a lot of people in the other surrounding parts of the community are watching
. here is her story. >> dominique frazier who called herself bonnie loved to write poetry. in fact, she posted several videos of herself reading poetry on youtube. the 18-year-old university student was murdered last week on the second floor of her residence. her suite mate 19-year-old alexis simpson is to blame. >> simpson turned off an ipod her suite mates were listening to and they got upset when she refused to turn it back on. the argument ended with simpson stabbing frazier in the neck. >> it is very sad. it is not supposed to be like that. >> alexis simpson sits in jail facing several charges including first-degree murder. >> a grand jury indicted two prince george's county police officers in connection with the beating of a maryland student. this video shows the officers taking down and beating jack mckenna after the basketball game in march 2010. register naled baker and james harris -- reginald baker and james harrisson are facing charges. a convicted cop killer is scheduled to die tonight barring any last-minute intervention. peopl
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2